Growing my passion

Almost a year ago I sat by watching as one of friends cared for those with dementia.  She didn’t know them personally, but rather was a volunteer through a local hospice.  She offered art classes to them and would go to the library to check out picture books about the parts of the country they were from, in hopes of brining their ever wondering mind back to cherished memories.  I knew right away that she, too, was put on this earth to serve others in the end of life process.

When INELDA offered a training in DC last May, I encouraged Nicky to pursue it.  Her heart is amazing and her graceful strength is awe-inspiring.  After she completed the training, I, again, watched from afar to see where her path was leading her.  Fast forward to this fall and she made the decision to be a death doula.  I couldn’t think of a better fit for Peaceful Passings!

It is with the upmost pride and excitement that I announce that Peaceful Passings is now a company of two doulas!  And thanks to the talented Nicky Hanson, we have a website as well!!!  Please check out

It’s when we surrender, drop the reins and enjoy the ride that we truly know our purpose!

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