RVA Death Cafe

Last week was my fourth time facilitating a death cafe and it never gets old.  I love how it’s always different, and therefore, the conversations remain rich and insightful.  I continue to set my sights higher.  I’m struggling with getting diversity- in color, age and religion.  One of the attendees suggested to hold it in a variety of different locations because, as we all know, if it’s not within a few miles from our house, it’s too far away!  I loved the energy and vibe of Stir Crazy, so I’d like to have another one there, but also scout out other venues-inner city???  Once school starts, and life returns to it’s regular tempo, I’m going to be venturing out.  Maybe breakout of the mold and hold it in a predominantly African American church, a synagogue, or a retirement community.

I read an article about how the elderly want to continue feeling needed and part of the whole.  I want them!  We want them!  They possess an infinite wisdom about end of life that my generation and younger would love to hear.  But I’m running into resistance, people saying, “If you post Death Cafes around where they live, that will really upset them”, “that wouldn’t be good P.R. for our facility”….  I can’t imagine that people in their 70+ don’t want to talk about the issues facing them, but our overprotective generation is afraid that if we remind them that they are inching closer to the end, that it will piss them off????  So instead, like most things around death, we pretend they aren’t happening and stick our heads in the sand.  So, if there are any older people out there interested in coming to a death cafe, maybe even hosting one, please contact me because the people that are “looking out for your well being” don’t want us to hang out.  (That’s a bummer, I think I’m pretty fun to hang with!)

I also wanted to pass along a blog that a gentleman wrote that has come to two of my cafes.  It’s a great insight into what Death Cafes are really like from the perspective of someone outside of the “death”industry.  Thank you Stuart, aka Jo, for willing to throw caution to the wind and see what death cafes are all about!



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