My mission

So I’ve found myself picking and choosing words on how to describe to someone what a “death doula” is and what exactly I’d be doing.  It would take me a few minutes to finally get my point across.  After talking about this what my husband, he suggested with coming up with my mission.  Three quick sentences on what, I believe, my purpose is.  So after sitting at the empty computer screen, watching a blinking curser for what felt like forever, I’ve finally come up with my mission.  I do have to send out a special thank you to those who helped me refine my words and educate me that not everyone is comfortable with the “D” word (DEATH!)

To support and serve as a guide to individuals and their families as they accept and work through the process of dying;  to help them manage their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

To provide the individual a sounding board to help establish and fulfill their ideas of a peaceful passing.

To assist the family as they navigate this journey, affirming to them that they aren’t alone, helpless or lost.

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